Established in the year 1976 with the encouragement of Mr. Kostas Lazaridis headquartered in Koukouli as a cultural association to develop bonds of love and solidarity among its members.
Regularly enrolled members Koukoulioti, irrespective of place of residence after completing the 18th year of age. It is governed by a seven member Board of Directors consisting President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and three (3) members. The mandate of the Board is two years.

The purpose of the Brotherhood under the statute are:
1. The development of ties of love and solidarity among its members.
Two. The projection of needs and deficiencies of the villages.
Three. Caring for the beautification of the village.
4. The concern for the growth of tourist traffic passage
5. The idrysis and the enrichment of the library.
6. The diorganosis celebrations ie: ceremonies, festivals, performances-sporting events.
7. The operation and Cultural Centre in Koukouli.