The New School

Sxoleio-2 [640x480]

Built in 1936 with money from the Stephen P. Koutouzis the former mansion of Stroumpaion - Koutouzis, he writes a marble slab.
For 25 years he taught in this K. Lazaridis and ended in 1983.
In the courtyard of there is a cistern.

The Cultural Center "Kostas Lazarides"


Pn.Kentro [640x480]

The old home of his grandfather K. Lazaridis houses the Cultural Center with a remarkable library of about 5000 books, with a collection of old manuscripts, with botanical collection and fossil collection, with many folklore elements donation of the late Kostas Lazarides.

The Old School

Palio Sxolio-1 [640x480]

Built in 1872 by Kostoula Paschalis with money brought from Johannesburg where he was impresario.
There is a sign that says: "1872 MAY COST OF 20 K.G. PASHALI.
From 1937 to 1994 served as the Community Bureau of Community of Koukouli.

The Plakidas mansion


Plakidas 22 [640x480]

The house legend was built in 1820 and rebuilt in 1875. It is a two-storey colossus with 12 rooms, basements and other useful time buildings.
It retains the old-style mansion with many wonderful architectural details like arches in the basement, carved ceilings, painted walls, fireplaces PIECES arts and more.
The "siansini" is a room that is extremely interesting from an architectural point of view.
The grandson of Eugene Eugenia Zarouchlioti Plakida ladies and Irene Danos gave the now ramshackle mansion in 1998 by deed of donation in the Brotherhood Koukoulioton "Eugene Plakidas.

The Cell

To keli-1 [640x480]

It was built around 1770.
It consists of two rooms and a basement and was intended to house the priests of the village.